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Amazing Studios: Video Production in Greensboro, NC

Amazing Studios, serving the Greensboro area, is a full-service video production, animation and sound studio. Our job is to tell stories through video, and we do this job well. We possess the tools, knowledge, and experience needed to craft powerful messaging and deliver that message through high-quality video. . Our team of directors, writers  and sound experts  can do it all, from original filmmaking and animation development to music production and custom-made soundtracks. Amazing Studios works with brands and agencies to bring content to life.

Video + Film

At Amazing Studios, our team is focused on delivering creative and memorable videos that get your story told. We’ve worked on projects for clients in nearly all industries, including education, technology, apparel, and finance. From day one, our video production specialists will work with you to develop high-quality film using a creative eye and with close attention to detail. To ensure that we meet your budget and timeframe, we’ll create a production schedule that includes any post-production edits or revisions that may be needed. Successful marketing boils down to effective storytelling. We’ll develop visual narratives that will engage your audience and get people excited to watch.

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Sometimes ideas are best represented through dynamic motion graphics. At Amazing Studios, we offer eye-catching animation services to help you convey your message and keep the attention of your audience. Our art department is skilled in 2D and 3D motion graphic videos that flawlessly showcase products, services, events, or stories. We’ll begin by developing a script, style frame, and storyboard. These tools will better allow you to visualize your concept. We’ll then strategize and design your concept in a professional, yet fun, way. Animations can be used for all types of business needs, whether you’re looking to generate awareness or share a new product with the world.

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Music + Sound

Our music and sound production services can elevate any film or video, taking it from average to amazing. At Amazing Studios, we smoothly incorporate sound and music into our work to create a more dynamic and entertaining medium. An expertly executed music soundtrack playing in the background of your video can affect your viewer’s mood and increase engagement more than messaging and visuals alone. . Our music department can also work with you to create a custom music score that effortlessly aligns with your unique brand, tone and message.

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Presentation is critical to capturing attention in a content-filled world; it’s your first impression.  Amazing Studios has the skills to make your impression an impactful one by transforming ideas and creative concepts into informational or action-packed videos that tell your story in a clear and meaningful way. Our versatile team can take on any project, ranging from a simple animation to a complex video with sound and musical soundtrack. Check out our samples to see what we’ve been working on, or contact us to get started on your project today!  

Services Offered

Planning and Strategy

Creative Concepting

Script Writing

Style Frame


Talent Screening



Lighting and Sound Design




Sound Mix and Design

Art Asset Creation


Post Art and Design

Types of Content


Commercial Advertisement

Branded Content Marketing

Aerial Video and Photography

Conference and Tradeshow Video

Recruitment Video

Corporate Video

Concert and Music Video

Testimonials and Customer Success Video

Training and Instructional Video


Stop-Motion Animation

2D and 3D Animation

Custom Music Score

Custom Music Soundtrack