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Amazing Studios: Video Production in Durham, NC

A powerful presentation is more than just information. To capture an audience’s attention from the get-go, you need engaging and impactful content marketing. That’s where we come in. Amazing Studios is an award-winning video production, animation, and sound studio in the Durham area.

Our dedication to artful communication in filmmaking, animation development, and music production leads to the creation of highly-captivating and original entertainment. Amazing Studios works with brands and agencies across all industries to bring stories and projects to life. From start to finish, we’ll deliver outstanding video production services that align with your needs and vision.

Video + Film

Everyone has a story to tell. We help our clients portray their narrative in a creative and memorable way. Amazing Studios has worked with clients in nearly all business sectors ranging from technology and education to apparel and finance. Our video production team will work with you step-by-step to develop high-quality film with an artful eye and rigorous attention to detail.
We’ll start by listening to your specific needs and identifying objectives for the project. We’ll then create a production schedule that works within your budget and timeframe. In production, it’s lights, camera and action!

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Eye-catching animation can help share complex information, generate awareness, or create excitement for a brand, product or service. Amazing Studios offers unique and compelling animation services to engage your audience and convey the right message. Our art department can deliver both 2D motion graphics and 3D animations to showcase your products, services, or brand.
We’ll start by understanding your needs and developing a creative solution based on your objectives. After that, we’ll work together to visualize the concept with a script, style frame, and storyboard.

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Music + Sound

Music is a powerful medium that can affect our mood and engage the masses. At Amazing Studios, we incorporate music and sound into our entertainment services to enhance our professional films, videos, and animations. Add a musical soundtrack to any video to elevate emotion and get your message across in an impactful way. Work alongside our music department experts to create a custom music score that aligns flawlessly with your brand and message.

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If your content marketing efforts could use the help of an experienced professional,  contact Amazing Studios. Serving Durham and surrounding areas, our talented team of scriptwriters, designers and directors have vast experience in developing creative concepts that lead to powerful marketing videos and animations.

We’ve raised the standard for storytelling and have an extensive list of awards and satisfied customers to prove it. Just look at our samples of previous work to see our successes for yourself. Are you ready to get started with your next project? Contact us today to see how we can make your vision a reality.

Services Offered

Planning and Strategy

Creative Concepting

Script Writing

Style Frame


Talent Screening



Lighting and Sound Design




Sound Mix and Design

Art Asset Creation


Post Art and Design

Types of Content


Commercial Advertisement

Branded Content Marketing

Aerial Video and Photography

Conference and Tradeshow Video

Recruitment Video

Corporate Video

Concert and Music Video

Testimonials and Customer Success Video

Training and Instructional Video


Stop-Motion Animation

2D and 3D Animation

Custom Music Score

Custom Music Soundtrack