How To Stand Out in the New Age of Video Marketing

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 How To Stand Out in the New Age of Video Marketing

It’s no secret that video is changing the marketing landscape. With the rise of social media and a cultural shift away from traditional media formats, selling has changed too.

In fact, consumers don’t like being sold to at all.

Shocker. Who does?

Think about it:

  • Online streaming is the new cable.
  • Smartphones are the new cameras.
  • Online shopping is the new retail.

Since these market changes are so evident, more and more companies are trading their catalogs for content and their billboards for branding.

With so many companies flooding social media platforms with offers for webinars and free e-books in exchange for email addresses, what is the best way to stand out?

How do you reach your customers without chasing them away?



Great. Never heard that one before.
Now what?

Creativity is thrown around so much these days that occasionally it ends up being grouped in with the business jargon that everyone says but doesn’t fully understand. It’s quite the nebulous term.  You may have heard creativity defined as rising above traditional ideas, rules, and patterns to create new ideas, interpretations, or imagination.  You know what it means, but do you know what it means?  What does it take to make content that is truly creative?

It means taking all your previous life experience and referencing it to highlight a new perspective. Everyone has something in their life they become genuinely excited about. Creativity is rooted in the authentic thoughts and ideas of people. By including this in content creation and remaining real and relatable, you build trust and goodwill among those you interact with. Why do you think people become so frustrated with automated robotic phone messages? Because they’re cold, impersonal, and well…creepy. The same goes for video marketing. If your content lacks personality and authenticity, how can you expect your customers to interact and engage with it? People like to be seen as more than a statistic or another sale. They want to feel seen and heard.

Creativity is rooted in the authentic thoughts and ideas of people.


When done right, creative video content allows marketers to show they understand what their customers value. Since there are so many marketers fighting for attention in this digital age, it makes the ones that are human, real, and relatable stand out so much more.


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