State Of The Studio

My fellow Americans, we are sixteen years into the new century – a century that has already seen many changes in the industry of video production.

But the state of the studio is stronger than it’s ever been!

Many great things are happening. This year we celebrated our 20th anniversary, complete with a party and many of our great clients and friends. We’ve expanded our team with individuals who each bring a rich collection of skills and experience to the studio.

Along with the expansion of our team, our video production services have also continued to expand with the addition of new tools and great clients both in the Raleigh-Durham area and beyond.

We were already familiar with the RED workflow through our RED Scarlet 4k camera, but we felt the RED Epic 5k cinema camera would unlock even more with its 120fps of slow motion at 4k. It turns out that we were correct, and it has already been a huge asset to our team.

Another piece of equipment we’ve acquired is the DJI Inspire 1 drone for aerial 4k video.  We have been blown away by the incredible aerial footage we are able to capture in-house.  Footage of this quality was once only capable with cameras mounted on helicopters.

I’m astounded at our production team’s constant ability to create just the right visuals to complement an already compelling story. Two recent projects stand out as great examples of the team utilizing these tools to take the stories to the next level.

On both the Campbell University video series and the Hope Reins piece, we were able to evoke more intense emotions and feeling through our ability to shoot with the RED Epic in 120fps slow motion while moving the camera quickly on the DJI ronin.

For the Campbell piece, there were parts of the story that required us to show the big picture of growth and the beauty of the campus. The drone was the tool that our team needed to make it possible.

The art department team continues to push themselves from all fronts; design, animation, motion graphics to original music scores. They showcased these skills on the new First Bank animated commercial.  From the art assets to the custom music and sound design — the team held nothing back to be sure the piece was solid.

Our creative teams are constantly honing their skills by keeping their fingers on the pulse on where the industry is at and where it’s heading.  It’s our focus to combine great art with a great strategy. And one of our primary goals going forward is to develop and implement digital marketing strategies that will simplify and strengthen our client’s brand messaging.

As you can tell we have a lot of great reasons to feel good about what’s happening here at the studio.  It’s been an incredible 20 years to date but we know that we have an even brighter future ahead.  As we celebrate our accomplishments we are not content to remain where we are.

We look at our peers in Los Angeles and New York as the standard we seek to bring to North Carolina.  Our staff has doubled in the last 8 months and I’m anticipating we will see even more growth over the next year as we continue to meet the needs of our clients as well as our internal goals.

We are moving forward with our plans to expand our original and custom content side that will focus on the creation of bold new content for both brands and general entertainment. Content that can build the business of our clients, as well as content that fuels us as artists, like weird internet videos, feature films and documentaries.

As you can probably tell it’s been an incredible 20 year journey for Amazing Studios.


Mike Cole

Owner, Amazing Studios