‘Reel’ Talk about Animation

You’ve most likely read about our animation work, especially if you read this blog. And, you’ve hopefully seen some of our work in 2D motion graphics, 3D animations and special effects…but do you know WHY we do what we do?


Animation offers a unique way to tell a story, with a bit of magic. We can bring things to life that ordinarily wouldn’t catch your attention. But when you add movement, special effects and a bit of imagination, animations can illustrate any scenario imaginable. Another thing we love about animations and motion graphics is that no two are the same…at least at our studio. Each one is a unique work of art aimed to entertain and inform.

That’s real talk.


Now, let’s talk about our Reel…or rather, let our reel do the talking. 

We’ve compiled some of our best 2D and 3D animations into 64 seconds of awesomeness. Check it out.


ANIMATION REEL from Amazing Studios on Vimeo.