We have an amazing announcement to make today. Thanks to the hard work and dedication of our flight team here at Amazing Studios, we have applied for and received an FAA 333 exemption for commercial aerial work. 

This means several things, but for you our partners, it means that we are authorized to produce high quality aerial video without the risk of punitive actions from the FAA.

There are a lot of people flying drones these day, but of all the companies currently producing aerial photography fewer than 5000 have permission to do so from the FAA. Without this exemption, people are running the risks of fines or even jail time for flying commercially without permission from the FAA. 

Amazing Studios is proud to be the first local company to receive this FAA 333 exemption and are excited about how we can use it to help you craft your stories. 

For information about our flight program, or to have us come and produce some awesome aerial work for you, feel free to contact us at: