Amazing Studios Brings On New Director

We are happy to announce that Jerry Oliver has joined our team as Director. While his role will primarily focus on cinematic original entertainment and branded digital film content, Jerry is also a skilled animator and will be a valued asset to our art and animation team.

Jerry brings with him a variety of experience and portfolio accomplishments beginning with a work-for-credit program in 2004 at a small television studio, where he joined the team full-time when the semester ended. Since then, he has been working steadily in film, television and advertising for several Fortune 500 companies. Jerry graduated from Vancouver Film School with a degree in film production.

In addition to his talents, he is also very complimentary to our team. Yes, we mean complimentary with an ‘a’ and here’s why. We heard him say, “Amazing Studios has a lot of talented people.” Thanks, Jerry!  We are thrilled to have you part of our team and hope to learn from you, as well as provide new and creative content to our clients.

He also said, “The only way to improve your personal talents, is to be surround by people more skilled and creative than yourself. Like my dad always says, ‘If you’re the smartest person in the room, you’re in the wrong room.’ I hope to contribute what I know and then learn from everyone else.”

Please join us in welcoming Jerry to the team – send him an email at