In the Making: Trapcode Particular vs. Practical

Take a behind the scenes look at what went into our latest particle dust animation.

A client came to us asking for animated colorful dust particles, that realistically mimic the way dust behaves when thrown. We knew there were two ways we could create this effect. One way is to use Trapcode Particular to digitally create animated particles, and the other being practically. When creating a unique video for our clients, we do our research and find the best method to achieve high quality output. In this case, to truly create the realistic look they were going for, the best option was to do the opposite of every modern Hollywood production, and do it practically.

This is where the fun begins.

We went to the store and purchased several different types of dust and experimented with various ways of throwing it. We did this using a black background, so we could use the white and black contrast to make a mask. This method allowed for color to be added in post. We filmed in slow motion using a Red Epic in 4K, creating a dramatic dust effect that allowed us flexibility to play with timing and create interesting styles when layered on top of others in post-production. After filming over 100 different variations of throwing dust, and trying out 100 more different layered combinations of dust, the end result was true-to-life dust particles that felt natural and much more organic than anything that could be created digitally.

Watch this ‘In the Making’ video that shows our layering process from start to finish:
Key Take-Aways

When creating a video unique to your brand, remember that easiest or fastest isn’t always best.

Do your research and hire a video production team that is willing to think outside the box to create the effect you want.

This video is a great example of time, effort and good ol’ fashioned creativity to develop the right look for the brand.