The Importance of the Creative Idea : A Case Study

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The Importance of the Creative Idea: A Case Study


Amazing Studios calls the town of Fuquay-Varina home, and we’ve got some hometown pride. (Go Bengals!) When the town called and asked for some creative ideas for a problem, we were all ears.

Our Hometown

They shared their challenge with us; Fuquay-Varina is growing and they have great news and developments to share with their citizens. However getting the word out via the typical town hall meeting and “state of the town” address wasn’t cutting it.

In today’s fast and digitally focused world, very few people typically come out to hear a “state of the town” address. Fuquay wanted to expand its audience and make sure the community knew what the town was doing and the exciting things coming next. When we started to approach this problem we were met with the obvious. A “state of the town” address is traditionally a pretty boring subject.  How can we engage audiences to listen and want to learn more about highways, bonds, and other municipality facts?

We faced the challenge as one starts any creative process, by brainstorming. We knew we needed to craft a story that would keep people engaged and maybe they would learn something along the way. Focusing on the big picture, we worked with Fuquay to chose the critical points they wanted to drive home and thought – an animation would be perfect! The town was open and ready to think creative and bold.

Risk Takers

Shying away from tradition, we created a script that was fun, light-hearted, while still informative with a coordinating fun, bouncy, and whimsical animation. With an over 6 minute runtime, the importance of the creative story matched with the visuals was paramount to keep people engaged. Balancing between humor and seriousness, we strove to find a balance and reinforce Fuquay’s voice as an approachable and fun town.

The Results

Fuquay debuted the new take of the “State of the Town” address on Facebook to the tune of over 20,000 views and over 120 shares. Quite a jump! The video was also given national honors when in September it was awarded the 1st place Savvy award for Promotional Videos by the 3CMA Savvy awards, a competition recognizing outstanding local government achievements.

“Fuquay-Varina has changed the game for state of the town addresses.”  – 3CMA Judge
The To-Go Box

So what can we take away from all this?

The creative base and original guiding thought of any video will determine its success. You can have the best and most beautiful visuals and stirring full orchestra soundtracks but if the story doesn’t excite the audience, then what’s the point? If you have your own creative ideas for a project or want some creative ideas, drop us a line at .