The Town of Knightdale | Dale the Knight

 A Town in Shining Armor

 The Town of Knightdale is on the move and moving fast – looking to attract new residents, paint their community in a positive light, and share about all the amenities their town has to offer. To grab the attention of their community they knew they would need something beyond a traditional town commercial with beauty shots and fun facts – they would need to capture the audience’s attention and create something memorable. 

Through creative brainstorming, Dale the Knight was born. The unofficial mascot (and protector) of Knightdale, Dale shows everyone what Knightdale has to offer.  As a passionate, yet out of place knight, Dale adventures through Knightdale trying to live out his medieval lifestyle all while learning more about his new growing home. Full of comedic moments, the four-part series focuses on Knightdale’s homes, public safety, quality of life and entertainment offerings and became an immediate hit with current Knightdale residents and potential new neighbors alike!

  • Creative Direction
  • Script Writing
  • Talent Casting
  • Production
  • Costuming & Props
  • Editing
  • Color Grading
  • Sound Design