The Town of Hillsborough | Winter Weather PSA

Best in Snow

The town of Hillsborough,  North Carolina is thriving with great pride in their small town charm. Through every season, the community enjoys the town’s history and heritage, but with their rapid growth has come questions and confusion on some of the town’s role and responsibilities.

For instance, in winter, the town is flooded with calls and online inquiries from concerned residents about how the town operates during winter weather events. Taking the opportunity to create something memorable, the town decided to take a creative approach to their typical governmental PSA. With a large percentage of their citizens interacting with the town mostly through social media or other online platforms, Hillsborough chose animation as the best way to inform their audience.

Taking inspiration from the town’s beloved landmarks, we created a visually beautiful and appealing animation, depicting Hillsborough’s iconic and important places around town in as an ideal winter wonderland. Channeling the small town charm and warm memories of snowy days at home, citizens could recognize their hometown and the humorous characters gave life to the town’s personality.

  • Creative direction
  • Script Writing
  • VO Talent Casting
  • Asset Creation
  • Animation
  • Sound Design