Smart Soccer Commercial | AthloTech


AthloTech, Smart Soccer System


AthloTech, a startup company, has developed technology to help soccer players improve their game using measurable data. The product is currently in development and the company needed a video that would explain the product to potential investors and consumers alike.

We recommended a :60-:90 second video that combined live action with dazzling 3-D animation that appealed to a technically savvy, athletic audience. The objective of the video was to capture the attention of potential investors and consumers, which is why the timing must be short and under 2 minutes.


During pre-production, the studio researched athletic promotional videos and found that a combination of real speed and slow motion, set with a high contrast background, would create the ideal style allowing the AthloTech product to shine. The style for this shoot was inspired by the movie, “300”.

The studio worked closely with AthloTech to draft a script and develop a storyboard. During this time, the studio was also waiting for the product to be manufactured. This extra time in pre-production time allowed the animation team to develop ideas around incorporating 3-D animation into the video. This later benefited the director and film crew once production was in full swing, because they had insight into what types of shots to capture in order to create a smooth transition into 3-D.

The studio screened talent and worked with AthloTech to select voice-over and music that would relate to a global audience. It was important to find athletes who fit the product user profiles, so AthloTech invited local soccer players with varied ages, backgrounds and athletic skills. The video production took place at night in order to achieve the style outlined in pre-production, which created a high contrast setting between the dark sky, stadium lights and the product itself. The studio filmed on Red Epic at 4K, which allowed for 240 frames per second and the ability to create slow-motion effects.


  • Creative direction
  • Script writing
  • Storyboarding
  • Production Planning
  • Casting
  • Principal Production
  • Post Editing
  • Art asset creation
  • 3D modeling
  • 3D animation
  • Sound design