High Five Conference | The Client

Starting Off Super

The High Five Conference –  AMA Triangle annual #High5Conf seeks to bridge the gap between marketers and creatives to create a conference like no other.

As our second year opening the show we knew we wanted to go bigger and better.

We brainstormed how the relationship between marketing and creatives usually gets portrayed. How can we play off that? What’s the sort of story that would get us excited about being at such a conference?

Superheros – out of such was born the likes of Captain Creative & Mr. Marketer.

We were challenged with this project not only creatively, but practically as we had a short time frame to script, storyboard, location scout, create props, and film. As a team of marketing and creatives ourselves, we had a personal connection with the characters and wanted to make them feel, well, super!

Everything came together to show our vision of what it feels like to work together as marketing and creatives and we had a blast creating it!

  • Creative direction
  • Writing
  • Production
  • Editing
  • Color grading
  • Visual FX
  • Original Music Score
  • Props