Client Case Study: Campbell

We did it! That was the mantra around the studio when we got the final sign off from Campbell University that their project was done. Though some of us (Cliff I’m looking at you) had bleary eyes from late nights, we had never been more proud. It had been almost 4 months since we started on this project, and when everything was done, we were able to look back and say “Job well done”.

But let me step back for a minute.
“What was the Campbell project?”
Well I’m glad you asked, we were approached by the communications department at Campbell and presented with a dilemma. They were bringing on a new president and needed to find the right way to promote him in 3 separate venues.
Firstly, they needed to have an announcement video on his first day, then they needed a video for an orientation he was going to miss, then they needed a show-runner for when we were speaking on the road. The question presented was should we produce a one-size-fits-all video, or create 3 tailored videos for each situation. So naturally, after several moments of intense conversation, we decided to shoot 3 videos.

You can watch the above case study to see the purpose and the outcomes of each video, but I want to talk about the privilege that it was to direct. Having a client that trusted us as artists to create something that communicates their world is sobering.
It is a great responsibility and a true honor. Sitting with the team here and designing the look, working with the great people at Campbell to discover the story, that’s why we do this job.
That is why, when we finish projects like this, we are proud. And we always will be.
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