You’ve most likely read about our animation work, especially if you read this blog. And, you’ve hopefully seen some of our work in 2D motion graphics, 3D animations and special effects…but do you know WHY we do what we do?   Animation offers a unique way to tell a story,

  Original Web Series Brings Two Sides Together For Human-to-Human Conversation WHO: Amazing Studios, an award-winning video production, animation and music studio based in Fuquay-Varina, North Carolina, launched a new video series, presented in partnership with Officers Only by Bob Barker Company and the Fuquay-Varina Police Department. WHAT: The series, titled

Amazing Studios is hiring for a Director! Are you the one? If you are a creative genius who is a star at collaborative brainstorming, can lead innovative creative concepts to completion, and is experienced in film, editing and video production then you might be the next great addition to our

It was one year ago that I shared our first ‘State of the Studio’, outlining the growth and progress we had made in a brief 12 months. It was a moment I felt full of pride for what we had accomplished in production, animation and music – and yet still

  The Magic of Giving This Holiday Season Growing up, we had a few family traditions around Christmas time. One tradition in particular has stuck with me and is something I will be sure to pass down to my son…and share with you now of course! Each year, before we

After three weeks on the road, five cities,  and fourteen different companies, we delivered twenty-eight finished videos to Square 1 Bank. But let’s start at the beginning to see how early planning and clear objectives in pre-production helped to drive the success of this project. PROBLEM Square 1 Bank was

  Any Road Will Take You There When I started this blog post, I planned to tell the stories of two inspiring young people each on a very different path to find their passion in life and a career in film they love. Of course, like any classic tale of

Short films are a great, low cost way to start making movies and show off your talents. It’s a tried and true art form that many hopeful producers use as a launchpad to bigger budgets and box-office hits. But over the years I’ve noticed several pitfalls that can ruin a

    You might be asking, does video really have an impact on SEO? To answer that question, you have to first ask yourself…what do people like? The answer is, people like videos. Therefore, search engines like videos.  Which leads us back to videos can improve your SEO. Let’s take

We are happy to announce that Jerry Oliver has joined our team as Director. While his role will primarily focus on cinematic original entertainment and branded digital film content, Jerry is also a skilled animator and will be a valued asset to our art and animation team. Jerry brings with him