Case Study: Video Production for Square 1 Bank

After three weeks on the road, five cities,  and fourteen different companies, we delivered twenty-eight finished videos to Square 1 Bank. But let’s start at the beginning to see how early planning and clear objectives in pre-production helped to drive the success of this project.


Square 1 Bank was in the middle of redesigning their website when video was identified as a strong asset to help tell their story and create an engaging platform for prospects to learn more about the benefits of their bank. This is when they reached out to us. We were thrilled at the opportunity to help develop video content for their new site.



The concept was to produce a number of client testimonial videos, spanning across five different cities and fourteen different companies, as well as an external recruitment video to be shared on their website, social channels and at events.



From a video production perspective, there were a number of advantages to defining clear objectives upfront. Deciding to create a library of videos at once with a slow rollout, rather than individual videos on an as-needed basis allowed us to optimize our time in each city. This strategy allowed us to schedule several shoots in one day and not have to make multiple trips. We scheduled clients in Boston, New York, San Francisco, Oakland, and Durham. Understanding our objectives when scheduling saved time and helped keep costs low for the client.

At the start of the project, we also identified a need for still photography to be used on the website. Initially, they were looking at stock photos, but due to cost and consistency we suggested having a photographer travel with us to capture unique images for their site. This approach aligned with their brand, message and overall consistency in imagery, making this a no brainer for the client! We partnered with the incredibly talented James Walters for this project to deliver impressive, high-quality images.

Defining and meeting deadlines was essential to the success of a project of this scale. We were able to work with Square 1 Bank and their web development team on expectations and deadlines, allowing us to capture more footage and interviews in a timeframe we could deliver high volume and high quality. If you are looking to create a project of this size with multiple locations and several videos, make sure that you communicate clear goals and objectives up front to avoid panic and ‘quick’ fixes at the end of the project. 

Lastly, but most importantly, teamwork was vital to this project. We had the full effort of an incredible team from production to animation and music to our client and partners.


Square 1 Bank launched their new website in 2016 and went live with several client testimonials. They plan to use the library of content we created to update the website periodically moving forward. The new site, photography and videos helped Square 1 Bank share their story, explain what makes them different and how they help businesses succeed. We are thrilled to have worked with them on this project and share in a study that proves nothing carries as much credibility with prospects than the story of a customer’s success.