Our brand has a fresh new look!

Amazing Studios has recently undergone a brand refresh! We are pumped to share with you the subtle changes in our overall brand look and feel and also announce our new website is live! 

Underneath it all, we are still the same video, animation and music guys and gals you’ve come to know and love…telling stories worth sharing. Now, we have a style that is in sync with our attitude and culture here at the studio! 

We are excited to share some of the changes in our brand refresh that help to create a balance between friendly, fun and confident – the perfect blend of who we are and the work we create. 

Brand Colors

While our primary color remains in the yellow family, we made some subtle updates to the tone, reflecting a confident and mature brand. Our full color palate is a mix of playful yet mature tones. 

Updated Logo and Mark 

The Amazing Studios logo has a more balanced text complimented by our well-known Mark – a swoosh denoting forward movement in video as well as our progressive creativity and growth as a company. If you see something with our Mark, you know it’s quality entertainment crafted by yours truly. 


Core Values

Our core values have remained the same in our 21+ years of service, but as we move forward with a refreshed brand, this is the perfect time to reflect on what those values are and what they mean to us:

– Integrity: Be someone others can trust

– Originality: Create work that sets us apart 

– Excellence: Always strive for greatness

– Humility: Stay humble

– Relationships: Build strong, lasting connections

New Website

We can tell you all about it, or you can check it out for yourself! 

Head to www.amazingstudiosinc.com to see our refreshed brand in action, and check out our portfolio of work with full case studies while you’re at it! 

Is Social more your thing?

In addition to our new site, all of our social channels have been updated as well! So whether you are a Facebook fanatic or a Twitter Tweets-a-lot, be sure to engage with us online and stay up to date on the freshest content we create!