Movie Magic: Set Design Practical Effects in Set Design: A Case Study If we were to compare a finished video to a human body, the set would be the bones. It can hold such importance in helping an audience visualize the story and its themes. Sets can be intricate and

Movie Magic: Costume Design Practical Effects in Costume Design: A Case Study One of the things we love about video production is the countless opportunities to create new things. From props to sets to costumes, it’s always an adventure starting from scratch and making something we’re proud of.  The Challenge

Why reaching the right viewers can make all the difference. The age old quality vs. quantity debate is worth paying attention to, both in life and in business. The question applies especially to video content and social media. With larger audiences and new technologies, should you create videos hoping to

Scene Lighthouse meant to depict Scouting Locations
Video Production from the Eye of a Director   Location, Location, Location. Location has a lot to do with the quality of your creative content. It’s much more than a place on a map or a group of strategically placed buildings. It reinforces the emotions, messaging, and authenticity of a

We are excited to welcome Janelle to our team as our Marketing & Social Media Intern! Janelle is hitting the ground running with experience ranging from working with different startups to marketing her own music (Check out her tunes here!) In her role she will be focusing on creatively expanding

scenic image depicting creative video marketing
 How To Stand Out in the New Age of Video Marketing It’s no secret that video is changing the marketing landscape. With the rise of social media and a cultural shift away from traditional media formats, selling has changed too. In fact, consumers don’t like being sold to at all.

We are excited to welcome Blake to our team as our Editor & Colorist! Blake is joining the party with a wide variety of experience including feature films, TV, commercials, and music videos. So pretty much everything within the production realm. In his role, he will be focusing on editing

Dana- Accounts Manager
We are thrilled to announce that Dana Rierson has joined our team We are thrilled to announce that Dana Rierson has joined our team at Amazing Studios as Client & Accounts Manager. She has a passion for working with people and community engagement; combined with her experience in project management